Cash in with your creativity.

Stuck for ideas to make some extra cash? This book will help.

Stuck for ideas to make some extra cash? This book will help.

Need extra cash doing what you love? Stuck for ideas?
My book “24 Workable Ways To Make Money With Your Music Know-How”
will help you quickly find practical, workable, music related ways you can make extra money to buy that next instrument, fund a recording project or just help pay the rent.

Many of these methods are ones I have used (and still use) while others have been passed on to me by fellow musicians or I have observed them working in real life. There are some popular favourites and ideas you may not have thought of before. They all have been chosen because they are workable.

Learn how one experiment made me $400 profit and another “accidental” idea made $5,000 in CD sales and how you can use these lessons to your advantage.

Discover how one musical hobby became a part-time business and read about simple tips that can turn your musical knowledge or skills into cash.

27 pages of valuable information (no padding or fluff – just workable stuff you can use) in PDF format is included to help you get started at a special launch price for the first 100 customers (Yes the price will be going up soon).
So grab a copy now while it’s hot.

What customers are saying…

Great tips from a Muso that walks his talk!
– Kane O’Driscoll.

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About the author:

Mark Spivey

Mark Spivey

Mark Spivey is musician composer located in Western Australia who produces unique instrumental recordings that capture the sounds and moods of the Australian landscape.

If you like Vangelis, Yanni, Enya, Secret Garden or Tony O’connor you will enjoy listening to Mark’s music.

You can check out his music at

Mark officially began his creative recording career in mid 1995 with his determination to learn the harmonica. This was followed by a number of other musical instruments including the Sampona, percussion and Keyboard. His involvement in the creative arts from an early age includes stage,radio and more recently film and television production.

Mark has recorded 3 solo albums (is currently working on album 4) and has been involved in a number of other projects. He has a heart for helping people and is currently involved in live sound production,web design & supporting children in developing countries.

Mark also operates his own online radio station “High Tide Radio”.
High Tide Radio began as a way to share his music and the music of many other talented instrumental musicians so all would benefit.

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