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Review of the FetHead Dynamic Microphone Preamp

The FetHead is an inline microphone preamp designed to boost the signal from any dynamic or ribbon microphone. I...

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6 Important Things To Consider When Selecting An Audio Interface For Music Recording At Home.

The audio interface is effectively the heart of any computer based home recording studio and so it’s vitally...

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A Review of the AKG C100s condenser microphone.

Is the AKG C1000s condenser microphone for you? In this article I discuss the features of this mic and share my own...

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Preparing Your Computer For Home Recording

Working with audio can place a high demand on your computer’s capabilities – from the CPU to storage and...

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A review of the Behringer B1 studio condenser microphone.

The Behringer B1 is a budget studio condensor mic that is surprisingly good value. The unit actually comes with...

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An overview of the M-Audio Fast Track Pro – 4 x 4 Mobile USB Audio/MIDI Interface with Preamps

Introducing the M-Audio Fast Track Pro usb audio interface. The M Audio Fast Track Pro is one of the most popular...

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